Dansk Smykkekunst Copenhagen

Christian and Malene represent the dynamic duo behind Dansk Copenhagen. They form the second generation of the family company, which was founded nearly 50 years ago in Copenhagen, and today they hold one of Scandinavia's largest collections of jewelry and accessories. With Malene as the strong, creative force behind the brand and Christian as the determined, driven director, the company has undergone an exciting development over the years. Since the beginning, the duo has offered unique designs at attractive prices and raised the level of fashion jewelry. Today, 10 dedicated employees are working form the headquarter in Copenhagen, and each one brings the company forward with their individual skills combined with shared ambitions and goals.

 "Our universe has always been about the Scandinavian approach to design with simplicity at the center. I want to offer beautiful and inspirational jewelry to enable you to create your own, personal expression," Malene says.

"I am inspired by the trends of the seasons, but we remain true to our Scandinavian heritage and perfect our modern Dansk expressions. The most beautiful jewelry are the ones that highlight your unique style and show exactly what mood you are in. In our world with different styles represented in our collections, you can be sure to find just the right jewelry and accessories for every occasion. It is so important to me that my jewellery gives you the desire to explore boundaries, combine your jewelry again and create a unique expression time after time.

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